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by Balanced Body

Introducing a piece of kit that I love, called the MOTR® - a deceptively simple piece of kit that gives you a tough yet gentle workout! With me you can experience a unique workout on the MOTR, combining balance, strength,cardio, agility and core challenges. It’s great for those starting a resistance training program and may prefer the gentle resistance as opposed to lifting weights

A great bonus is that it's very portable and you require very little space in which to use it - so I can bring it to your home or workout with it at my home gym. It's great for those who may be hesitant to try Pilates as the straps and roller help to guide you into the correct position as adding gentle resistance.

"I can’t speak highly enough of Marta. I’ve had different trainers over the years but she is by far and away the best. She really worked hard to make sure my training was suited to me and what I was trying to achieved. I saw definite results over a relatively short period of time. As well as being a good trainer she made training fun and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to get healthy and strong, no matter their age or ability." 


Michael Patrick, Lawyer, London

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