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All or nothing?

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Here we are approaching the end of January and some of you may be starting to lose that New Year motivation, be bored in your current workouts, over tired from hitting the gym a bit too hard or perhaps you are still considering that couch to 5K program but can’t find the motivation. We are not long past quitters’ day and I’ve had many clients come to me at this stage disappointed with their January achievements or lacking a long term goal. 

Make it sustainable

The thing is, if you want to make sustainable changes to your health and fitness, in whatever aspect; be it losing weight, getting stronger, running your first 10k or lowering your blood pressure, long-term planning and consistency are key in achieving this. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint! There is little point blasting the gym everyday and losing weight only to regain the same amount and more because spending over an hour every day training is not sustainable for you in the long run, and ultimately after completing your one month program you revert back to your old lifestyle habits. 

Make one goal...

I like all my clients to have at least one long-term goal. I help them make realistic lifestyle changes to lead a more active lifestyle without spending hours in the gym. I help them adapt healthy eating habits that can be enjoyed by the whole family whatever their age or food preferences and above all,  I most enjoy keeping them motivated to stay consistent with these changes. 

If you recognise you are in a similar rut mentioned above, then maybe 2020 is the time to leave the “all of nothing” approach behind and begin your health journey with “the end in mind”. 

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